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Olivia has over 10 years of experience teaching improv, movement, and acting to people of all ages, and designing custom classes and workshops that use the principles of improv and theatre as a way to engage human development. She has led dozens of sessions at universities, nonprofits, and businesses, using theatrical technique to address topics from conflict resolution and emotional growth, to presentation training and writing comedic prose. She currently teaches recurring workshops and classes at NYU, Sarah Lawrence College, and the national nonprofit All Stars Project

Her graduate thesis, titled Liberating Performance from the Stage: Capturing the Impact of Performance Activity in an Extra-Theatrical Setting, focused on the relationship between innovation and improvisation in the workplace. In it, she discusses a new method for program evaluation and its application to a leadership development program at a major global financial services institution that used performance and improvisation as its core methodology. Her research was conducted with Performance of a Lifetime, an innovative consulting firm whose team of coaches and human development experts leverage their proprietary method, The Becoming Principle, to engage leaders and entire organizations in discovering, creating, and acting on new and uncharted possibilities.

Olivia's pedagogical framework is influenced by her professional work as Program Manager for Global, Urban, and Environmental Studies at The New School, as she strives to continuously bring a contemporary, socially conscious perspective to her teaching of theatre, improv, and performance.

Workshops have included:

  • Improv for Writers: Finding the Funny in “Writing with Wit” (Sarah Lawrence College)

  • Performance and Play for Personal  and Professional Development (Development School for Youth at the All Stars Project)

  • Improv for Everyone: Around the Globe and Beyond! (Performing the World Conference)

  • Challenging Conversations: Playing with the "How" (NYU Student Life)

  • Improv for Conflict Resolution (NYU Residence Hall)

  • Improv for Business: From Student Success to Success at Work (NYU Stern Launch)

  • Emotion Gym: Building Communication Skills with Special Needs Children (Private client)

  • Political Theatre for Teens (Youth Onstage! at the All Stars Project)

  • Activism Through Conversation: Using Improv to Build Bridges in Tough Situations (Chicago Community Action Day)

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