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ABOUT MY RATES: My services are offered on a sliding scale. Paying the standard rate makes it possible for me to work with nonprofits and community organizations who otherwise would not be able to do this work. I am happy to discuss whether a rate negotiation is possible if your budget does not allow for the pricing structure outlined below. 


Sample projects may include: budget tracking; scheduling; calendar management; basic social media, website, and blog support (e.g. editing, posting); developing and managing your to-do list; running the appointment calendar for your business; providing executive assistance; and more.

Standard rate: $45 / hour  •  Partner rate: $30 / hour


Sample projects may include: comprehensive social media management; communications strategy, design, execution, and evaluation; branding and messaging consultation; graphic design for digital and print collateral; copywriting and editing services; content development and design for pitch decks, presentations, and other slide-based materials; and more.

Standard rate: $50 / hour  •  Partner rate: $35 / hour


Sample projects may include: managing a project from inception to delivery (e.g. new website roll-out; learning management system transition); running the outreach, recruitment, and hiring of a new staff member or team; managing the planning and production process for a major or minor event; overseeing a team of staff or volunteers; and more.

Standard rate: $55 / hour  •  Partner rate: $40 / hour

Day rate for onsite event management (up to 10 hours):  Standard rate: $1,500 / day  •  Partner rate: $800 / day